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This year’s Thanksgiving will be like no other, so we would love to hear from you! Let us know all about your Holiday plans – both this year and in the future. This way we can keep in touch and stay connected with you, too. We are currently planning multiple in-store events around the U.S., this will allow us to meet with you and for you to discover The Original Holiday Chocolate Turkey.

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September 20th


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The Original Holiday Chocolate Turkey is being boxed and shipped as this post goes out. Each Turkey is carefully wrapped in gold foil and placed inside a clear gift box. The entire process is done delicately by trained hands so as not to damage the hollow-core Swiss Chocolate Turkey.

September 15th


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Each of Ruben’s Original Chocolate Turkey gift box is put together entirely by hand. The overall impression is one of quality and produces a gift that anyone would be more than happy to give as well as to receive. Stay tuned for more breaking up-to-the-minute Chocolate Turkey news!