Johann Georg Hochleitner, the man behind the lactose-free chocolate turkey, was born into a traditional pastry and confectionery family in Austria. George, as his American friends call him, became internationally known for his very creative and original chocolate ideas. His wide-ranging innovations include the first sheep milk chocolate, goat milk chocolate, buffalo milk chocolate, and even camel milk chocolate.

Over the past few years, George loved to celebrate Thanksgiving for its meaning and the sharing of family values. He ardently wished to surprise his friends on this holiday.  The idea was to combine his flair for chocolate, his wish for a surprise, and the traditional symbol of Thanksgiving.

But there was a twist. George’s children are lactose intolerant. George made it his mission to develop a great tasing, cream milk, and at the same time lactose-free chocolate. This would serve as the basis for the ultimate holiday product and prototype for a Thanksgiving chocolate turkey. George presented the prototype to his children and friends as gifts. They absolutely loved the turkeys.

About US

The Ruben’s Original Thanksgiving Chocolate Turkey is made with fine Swiss lactose-free chocolate and is molded in the traditional form of the classic American turkey.

It has a hollow core that is filled with an additional sweet surprise, that can be shared with both the adults and the younger folks sitting at the kids’ table.

The Ruben’s Original Thanksgiving Chocolate Turkey is meant to be the ultimate chocolate product in the USA, which is based on the classic American tradition of the Thanksgiving holiday – using the highest quality chocolate standards with a USP, with an original design and presented in a super premium package.

Over the last 100 years, Switzerland has established a reputation for the most innovative chocolate production methods, and the Swiss method has continued to develop and improve over the decades. It is now synonymous with chocolate quality and its time-honored ingredients have been adapted to establish today’s requirements.

Raw cocoa beans and Mexican vanilla beans for Ruben’s chocolate originate from cooperatives from Mexico, and they are subject to a special fermentation process that has been developed over the past few years. Fermentation Mexican COCOA-VANILLA that confers a unique fruity, exotic cocoa note.

Together with a classic refined Swiss manufacturing process, Ruben’s chocolate obtains extraordinary quality and taste results from this unique premium cream chocolate. Its excellent taste is proof!